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Flying & Gliding

There are lots of opportunities for cadets to get airborne! From soaring for the first time in a glider to taking the controls of a single engine propeller plane or even being able to fly in RAF aircraft. Cadets also have the ability to apply for flying and gliding scholarships giving them valuable aviation experience.

Gain Qualifications

Air Cadets have a unique opportunity in that our classification training system enables them to gain a BTEC in Aviation Studies. We also work in partnership with CVQO to offer other qualifications in leadership and music. Cadets can also gain recognised First Aid Qualifications.


Throughout the year the Squadron competes in numerous sporting events throughout Kent including Athletics, Netball, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Swimming and Cross Country Running. Cadets who excel in particular sports can be selected to represent Kent Wing Air Cadets at Regional and National Competitions.

Drill & Parades

Drill is an important aspect of any military organisation as it allows the unit to move in a uniformed manner and teaches self discipline.

Twice a year the squadron can be seen at public parades - the first in September to commemorate the Battle of Britain and the second in November at the annual Remembrance Day parade.

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Shooting is one of the more popular activities. Cadets, once taught the basic fundamentals of weapon safety, are able to fire a range of weapons working towards a set syllabus to develop their skills and hone their marksmanship skills. To start, cadets may be firing at targets 25m away but can then progress to firing at targets 100m and beyond.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

By being a part of the Squadron cadets can achieve their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award with ease! Cadets also have the opportunity to participate in Silver and Gold levels. The award takes dedication but looks great on a CV!

Fieldcraft & Adventure Training

At the Squadron cadets are taught fieldcraft skills which they can put into practice in the local area on exercise. There are also camps away, spending nights in the 'field' under canvas or partaking in adventurous activities such as kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing in North Wales and the Lake District.

Community Assistance

The squadron actively assists our local community at public events including village fetes where we facilitate car parking. We also run an event annually for the local elderly population who support the unit where we show our appreciation in the form of an afternoon tea party. We also undertake fundraising in Dartford Town Centre bag packing at the local supermarket.

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